Green Waste & Timber Recycling Newcastle

Oz Mulch has been providing high-quality Newcastle green waste recycling for over 25 years

Newcastle Green Waste Recycling is operated by Oz Mulch and provides a centre for the public, tree loppers, landscapers, civil & construction companies in the Hunter to manage their green waste in a sustainable & economical manner.

Accepted green waste is recycled and processed into a high-grade product used in the production of organic soils. A range of organic soils and mulches is offered for sales to retail and trade customers via Oz Landscape Supplies.

Accepted materials for Recycling

Find out about the accepted list of materials that can be processed at the Toronto facility.

Fees and Conditions

Find out about the tipping fees and charges for disposal of green waste and logs.


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When it comes to green waste Newcastle landscapers, construction companies and gardeners rely on us for sustainable and economical waste management

Oz Mulch has been providing Newcastle businesses and individuals with a safe, cost-effective and environmentally sound green waste management option for over 25 years.

For easy green waste and timber recycling, Newcastle locals come to us. We provide a simple, straightforward green waste recycling service to horticulturalists, landscapers, construction companies and civil organisations throughout the Newcastle region and our Toronto facility is open 6 days a week for your convenience. 

Our Newcastle green waste facility recycles waste into premium organic soils and mulches

Oz Mulch takes timber and green waste and turns it into high-quality mulches and soils for re-use, helping to create a closed environmental loop and ensure maximum use is made of our natural resources.

Responsible Newcastle businesses and individuals choose to tip their waste timber and green waste products with us because they trust us to provide a quality, efficient service every time.

To recycle your green waste in Newcastle visit our Toronto facility, open from Monday to Saturday. 


  • What sort of green waste materials can be recycled?

    A wide range of timber and organic waste materials can be recycled including crates, stumps, compost, sawdust and mulch. At our timber recycling and green waste Newcastle facility we can process the following materials: 

    • Untreated and unprocessed timber waste
    • Offcuts from timber
    • Trees, logs and tree stumps
    • Crates, pallets, cable reels and skids
    • Sawdust
    • Site mulch and green waste

    For more details on accepted materials at our green waste disposal Newcastle facility head to our accepted materials page.

  • Are there any timber and green waste products you won’t accept?

    Yes, there are a number of timber goods and green waste items we can’t accept at our facility including engineered timbers, treated timber, painted timber, asbestos and asbestos-containing materials (ACM). We’re also unable to accept any animal waste, flammable, radioactive or chemical waste materials, tyres, general building waste, medical or putrescible materials. For more information on our waste recycling exclusions head to our accepted materials page. 

    Please note that all loads will be thoroughly inspected and any loads which are contaminated will be charged additional fees.

  • Is there a limit to how much I can recycle?

    There is no limit to the amount of green waste you can tip at our Newcastle green waste facility. We are equipped to handle industrial-sized loads of timber and organic waste. Please note however that minimum transaction fees do apply. You will be charged by the tonne using our weighbridge.

  • How much does it cost to tip green waste?

    Depending on the amount and type of green waste being processed fees range from free through to $180 per tonne or more, with some materials being price on application (POA). Please note that Oz Mulch reserves the right to change its green waste recycling fees without notice at any given time. For the latest pricing information head to our green waste recycling fees page.

  • How do I safely dispose of green waste?

    The safest way to dispose of green waste is to take it to a dedicated green waste processing facility. Our Newcastle green waste recycling plant is committed to safety and we recommend taking a number of measures to ensure you dispose of your waste correctly when you visit us:

    • Do not exceed the on-site speed limit. A 20km/h speed limit is in place at our facility and it is a condition of entry that you adhere to this at all times
    • Ensure your green waste loads is legally covered and secured during transit
    • Take care around the heavy plant and machinery present at our facility
    • Wear appropriate closed-in footwear at all times
    • Use correct and safe lifting methods at all times
    • Keep any children inside your vehicle and do not allow them to wander around the facility 
    • Refrain from smoking while at the facility

    Disposing of bulk green waste at Newcastle Green Waste Recycling is a safe, easy and efficient way to get rid of your waste timber and other waste materials.

For efficient green waste disposal Newcastle locals have trusted for over 25 years, choose Oz Mulch