About Oz Landscape Supplies

Oz Landscape Supplies provides an extensive range of recycled garden soils and mulches made to Australian Standards for sale to both the public and trade. Operating landscape supply yards at Toronto , Cameron Park, & Bennetts Green, Oz Landscape Supplies is open 6 days a week with pick up and bulk delivery options available.

Supporting local people and businesses
We have spent many years establishing ourselves in Newcastle and strengthening our business to support the local community. Our group employs local staff and we believe in supporting local businesses, sourcing our fuel, engineering services, spare parts, raw materials, etc from local companies, so that the money we generate stays local.

Quality product for local environmental needs
We have tailored our company so that we can meet the needs of the local community, through the manufacture, supply and delivery of high quality Australian standard products that are optimal for the Newcastle region. We are proud to supply our recycled products to a wide cross-section of the Newcastle and Hunter area, from mums and dads, to landscapers and large civil construction companies.

Committed to assisting community groups
As part of our commitment to our local area, we regularly donate product to schools, day care centres, care funds and other non-profit organisations, beautifying our local area and assisting community groups in need. Needless to say, investing in our local community is a long term commitment requiring financial sacrifice at times to be able to supply such high quality product at a considerable cost saving to local businesses, families and community organisations.

About Oz Mulch

Oz Mulch has been operating in the green waste recycling industry for over 25 years. Oz Mulch is proudly local, with our processing facility centrally located in the Hunter region, we’re able to offer a reliable cost efficient service and return top quality composted products directly back to our local community in which the waste was originally generated. We are locally owned and operated and have spent years investing in the local community, slowly building our business with support from the community.

We want to promote and have an active involvement in recycling in our local community and engage people in a common mission to make our community a better place. For these reasons, it is important that the we recognise the true value of our business to provide and facilitate active environmental measures to assist in a quality product and service that we can provide to our community.

Ability to perform
In an ever advancing industry, our diversity has enabled us to grow the business in a difficult economic climate. Our Nomad Road Resource Recovery Facility has to date, beneficially processed over 100,000 tonnes of Garden Organics, and recycled this waste product, back into the market place as a high-end valued resource. With the years to come, we are looking to advance our process even further, to enable us to lead recycling innovation in Newcastle and the Hunter, and be “number one” in Organics Recycling.

Newcastle Green Waste Recycling is operated by Oz Mulch and provides a centre for the public, tree loppers, landscapers, civil & construction companies in the Hunter to manage their green waste in a sustainable & economical manner.

Company Values

  • Customer Commitment
  • Teamwork
  • Respect for people
  • Integrity
  • Innovative