Mulch: Newcastle Pick-Up & Delivery

Handy hints for buying mulch in Newcastle

  • An underlying layer of landscaping fabric will help deter weeds (if you do not plan to dig in the area in the near future). A 100mm layer of mulch can also achieve this.
  • The more you buy, the less you pay: we offer discounts on bulk garden mulch!
  • To determine how much mulch you may require, use our project volume calculator.
  • You can have your mulch delivered (6 days a week) or collect it from one of our Newcastle locations.
  • Due to the colour and consistency of mulch being naturally formed, we cannot guarantee the colour will be the same as the picture, sample or previously supplied product.

Why use landscape mulch for your project 

Landscape mulch is primarily used for providing a uniform or decorative look in the garden, for soil improvement, and for enhancing plant growth and protection. It is naturally designed to prevent the loss of moisture due to evaporation while helping to keep the soil insulated at a balanced temperature. This improves the conditions for plants root bulbs to grow.

Essentially, mulch acts as a blanket for your garden, keeping it cool and moist in all kinds of weather.

Mulch has a wide range of benefits incredible for gardens:

  • It prevents crusting of the soil surface
  • It improves soil absorption
  • It can assist in reducing erosion
  • It can reduce your need for water by 70%
  • It reduces weeds that can compete for water, light and space (when applied deep enough — at least 100mm)
  • It reduces weed-seed germination and makes it easier to pull out weeds
  • It slows down rain run-off
  • It insulates your soil and adds nutrients.

Organic mulches naturally break down and improve the structure of soil with the healthy microbial activity required to feed vital nutrients to soil and plants alike. 

Almost all plant life can benefit from the regular application of mulch — which is why we manufacture and supply organic mulch throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

Oz Landscape Supplies manufactures the mulch Newcastle landscapers and DIY gardeners can count on 

Oz Landscape Supplies has been operating in the Hunter Region for more than 25 years. 

Our range of mulch includes: 

Our landscaping experts are always ready and willing to help you choose the best mulch for your needs. Each and every mulch has its own benefits and unique application, so we are on hand to help get the best performance out of your gardening efforts. 

Simply get in touch via  (02) 4959 4999 to have a chat with our knowledgeable team, or come and visit us in Toronto or Cameron Park.

We’re committed to supplying the mulch Newcastle and Hunter residents can rely on.

FAQs about our bulk garden mulch

  • Do you offer wholesale prices for trades?

    Absolutely. Whether you’re a landscaper looking for the best wholesale rate, a commercial developer searching for large quantities of mulch or simply looking for the best price on the market, all you need to do is get in touch with the team from Oz Landscape Supplies.

    We specialise in bulk garden mulch at great rates. The more you buy, the more you save — we guarantee it. Request a quote for your project online today!

  • Where do you deliver bulk garden mulch?

    We can deliver huge quantities of mulch from the Central Coast to the Hunter Valley, Tamworth, Port Macquarie — wherever our customers need it. We’re committed to supplying sustainable, high-quality mulch throughout New South Wales.

    Alternatively, you are more than welcome to come and pick up your mulch from our locations in Toronto or Cameron Park. We’re open six days a week for easy trade pick-ups.

  • Where are your stores located?

    We have two convenient locations in Toronto and Cameron Park. Both locations offer retail and trade pick up.

  • Do you offer other landscaping products?

    Of course! We offer premium garden and soil mixes, decorative gravel and pebbles, sand and drainage aggregate, sandstone and rocks, fertiliser and bagged products, turf supplies and even firewood for those cool winter nights.

    Whatever organic materials you need, you’re sure to find them at Oz Landscape Supplies.

  • Do you offer hardware products?

    We sure do. From hardwood stakes to erosion control products and drainage pipes, we have the hardware required to cultivate a healthy garden or landscape. For more information about our durable hardware and building products, contact the team from Oz Landscape Supplies today.

Get in touch for an obligation-free quote or to order landscape mulch today 

Complete your landscaping project with the finest mulch Newcastle has to offer. Contact the team from Oz Landscape Supplies online or over the phone to discuss your project needs and get an obligation-free quote on sustainable landscape mulch today. 

We offer delivery throughout New South Wales for an affordable price, or we offer flexible and convenient mulch pick-up from our locations in Toronto or Cameron Park. 

Wherever and whenever you need high-quality organic mulch, Oz Landscape Supplies has got you covered.