Landscape Matting: Newcastle Erosion and Sediment Control Products

For high-quality landscape matting, Newcastle landscapers and gardeners come to us. Sediment and erosion control is a key feature of site management for any landscaping project. At Oz Landscape Supplies we stock a range of landscape matting products suitable to assist in managing your site and meeting local requirements.

Safeguard your landscaping against erosion with our range of high-quality landscape matting 

Natural woven landscape fabrics provide a range of benefits to landscaping projects. Whether you want to minimise weed growth in a new flower bed or shore up a sloping site our versatile all-natural landscape matting will do the job. 

Landscapers and gardeners use landscape matting for a range of applications. This versatile natural matting helps to strengthen the growing environment and protect it against erosion while also regulating soil temperature and subduing weeds. At Oz Landscape Supplies, we offer a range of premium quality natural landscape fabrics suitable for the Australian landscape. 

Our natural landscape fabrics will provide the durable sediment and erosion control you need

You can rely on our woven landscape fabric to provide excellent sediment control and erosion protection. Our 100% biodegradable landscape materials are made from naturally derived, sustainable materials with absolutely no synthetic fibres. 

  • Coir Matt Rolls — Available in 3m length x 200mm diameter rolls our Coir Matt Rolls are an effective erosion control solution for a range of landscaping projects. Coir is a natural coconut fibre that is extracted from a coconut’s outer husk, in between the coconut’s tough internal shell and the hard outer coat. Thanks to its naturally buoyant properties and biodegradability, coir is ideal for use in landscape matting. Our Cior Matt ROlls have a naturally high tensile strength which makes them well suited to heavy water flows and sediment movement.
  • Jute Matting — Our Jute Matting comes in 25m length x 1.8m width rolls with convenient pre-cut slits by the metre. This tough natural jute matting is suitable for environmental rehabilitation, lope and bank stabilisations, quick vegetation establishment and weed suppression in a wide variety of environments. Made from 100% natural jute can be used in a range of soils and coastal areas. 

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Stock up on organic woven landscape fabric with Oz Landscape Supplies — pick up and delivery available 6 days a week

Our team can deliver hardware, building and landscape supplies including landscape matting Newcastle wide and throughout the Hunter, Maitland and Port Stephens regions. Our Cameron Park and Toronto supply yards are open 6 days a week for pick up and delivery

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  • Do you offer trade and commercial discounts on your landscape matting?

    Yes. We offer discounted rates for trade and commercial orders. The more landscape matting you buy, the less you pay. To make an enquiry and order your landscape matting simply head to our contact page.

  • Do you offer free quotes on your landscape matting?

    Yes. We offer free, easy quotes on our landscape matting and other landscape supplies. To get your free quote simply head to our contact page, provide a few personal details along with your delivery suburb, product and quantity required and one of our expert team will get back to you with a free quote within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

  • Can I get my landscape fabric delivered through Oz Landscape Supplies?

    Yes. We offer easy deliveries of landscape matting Newcastle wide 6 days a week along with in-store pickup. We can deliver bulk quantities of landscape matting direct to your worksite. Our Toronto and Cameron Park supply yards are open 6 days a week for pick-up. 

  • Are your landscape fabrics biodegradable?

    Yes. Our landscape matting fabrics are 100% biodegradable and made from organic materials including coir fibres derived from coconut husks and natural jute fibres. These mats are designed to stabilise the landscaping project they’re used on and then integrate back into the environment over a number of months, strengthening the site while having no negative impact on the local habitat.

  • When should I use landscape matting?

    Landscape matting is best suited to permanent landscaping projects, i.e. ones that won’t need to be dug up on a regular basis such as annuals and vegetable crops. Landscape matting can be used for a wide variety of landscaping applications including:

    • Establishing vegetation
    • Suppressing weed growth
    • Stabilising creek banks and sloping sites
    • Wetlands and flood mitigation zone rehabilitation
    • Mining and industrial landscape rehabilitation
    • New land divisions
    • Community bush and coastal care initiatives

    Versatile landscape matting can be used for everything from establishing new gardens and minimising weed growth to restoring river banks and rehabilitating coastal habitats. Plus, our all-natural landscape matting is made from 100% biodegradable materials that are gentle on the environment.

  • What are the benefits of landscape fabric?

    While landscape fabric is primarily used for sediment control and erosion protection there is a range of benefits to using landscape fabric including:

    • Protect against erosion — landscape matting strengthens soil and helps protect landscaping from the effects of erosion. Strong landscape fabric will withstand strong water flows and help to control sediments.
    • Suppress weed growth — landscape fabric helps to minimise weed growth which, in turn, reduces the need for herbicide use. While landscape fabric will completely eradicate weeds it can help to suppress weed growth and aid the growth of your desired plants.
    • Rehabilitate environments — landscape fabric can aid in the rehabilitation of damaged environments. It is often used for repairing environments impacted by mining or industrialisation.
    • Temperature control — landscape fabric can act as an additional layer of insulation and protect roots and soil from temperature fluctuations, keeping them cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

We can deliver landscape matting Newcastle wide including the Hunter, Maitland, Port Stephens and beyond