Soil & Garden Mixes: Newcastle Pick-Up & Delivery

Handy hints for buying topsoils, turf underlay and garden soil in Newcastle near you

  • The majority of our soils are sold by the cubic metre (m3). A cubic metre is simply a measure of the length and width of the garden bed or turf area multiplied by the depth of soil required e.g. 1m3 of turf underlay soil will cover an area of approximately 10m2 at a depth of 100mm. A raised garden bed measuring 2 metres long x 1.2 wide and 400mm high will need 0.96m3 of our Premium Garden Mix.
  • For turf preparation, we recommend our Organic Turf Underlay or General Purpose Topsoil.
  • For raised vegetable beds, citrus and flowering production we recommend our Premium Garden Mix.
  • For Ph Sensitive Plants (e.g. Natives) and ornamental grasses we recommend our Native Garden Mix or Organic Garden Mix.
  • For rejuvenation of poor quality garden beds and ‘tired’ soils we recommend the addition of our Soil Conditioner.
  • For biannual top dressing of lawns, we offer our Top Mix/Top Dress material which is a mix of 85% specialised sand and 15% pasteurised poultry manure.
  • To determine how much soil you may require, use our project volume calculator.
  • The minimum order quantity for pick up and delivery is 0.5m3.
  • The more you buy, the less you pay: we offer bulk discounts on selected topsoil and garden mixes.
  • You can have your soil delivered (6 days a week) or collect it from one of our Newcastle locations.

Why use our topsoil & garden soil mixes for your project

While it may seem unimportant to the untrained eye, the quality of soil can have a major impact on the success of your project. Poor quality or depleted soil will not hold water and will make it nearly impossible for plant life to thrive and survive. 

With this in mind, high-quality soil with lots of organic matter is paramount for a healthy garden. 

Soil is a living and dynamic ecosystem. The spaces between healthy soil particles or “pores” allow for the retention of water and nutrients, helping to balance the surface temperature of the soil and regulate heat, affecting the seed germination and flowering activity in your garden. 

At Oz Landscape Supplies, we keep the balance of soil quality and organic matter in mind for each and every one of our customers — whether you’re a construction company, a professional landscaper or a DIY gardener tending to plants in your own backyard. 

Contact the team from Oz Landscape Supplies for an obligation-free quote on our Newcastle topsoil!

FAQs about our Newcastle topsoil 

  • Do you offer wholesale prices for trades?

    Absolutely. Whether you’re a landscaper looking for the best wholesale rate, a commercial developer looking for large quantities of soil, or simply just looking for the best product and price in the Hunter Region, we’ll provide a competitive wholesale price for bulk soil orders.

    Simply get in touch with the team from Oz Landscape Supplies for more information about our trade discounts today.

  • Can you deliver soil to my location?

    Yes, we can! We can deliver huge quantities of our Newcastle garden soil throughout the Central Coast, the Hunter Valley and beyond — wherever you need soil, we’ll deliver it to your location.

    Alternatively, if you need soil sooner rather than later, you are welcome to visit our store in Cameron Park or Toronto. 

  • What kind of soil do you have available?

    We manufacture a huge range of soil to suit all landscaping projects. Our selection includes:

    No matter the project, we have high-quality soil to make it a success.

Get in touch for an obligation-free quote or to order soil in Newcastle today

For the soil Newcastle landscapers and gardeners prefer, contact the team from Oz Landscape Supplies for an obligation-free quote. We’d be happy to discuss different kinds of soils and match your project requirements to the ideal product. 

Contact us online or give us a call on (02) 4959 4999 for instant service. We’re open six days a week to answer all your landscaping queries. 

Alternatively, come and visit us in Cameron Park or Toronto to chat with our knowledgeable team members and pick up some Newcastle soil for your next project.