Sands & Drainage Aggregate: Newcastle Pick-Up & Delivery

Oz Landscape Supplies provides a range of drainage aggregate materials and specialist sands for use around the home, by landscapers and tradies doing drainage, tiling, bricklaying, concreting, paving and other construction work. Browse the best range of sand and drainage aggregate Newcastle has to offer and get your free online quote.

Find the right sand or drainage aggregate for your project

From driveways and garden paths to retaining walls, creeks and brickwork we’ve got all your sand and drainage aggregate that need to be covered. Browse our range and use our handy volume calculator to work out the quantity of your order.  

Sand products

  • Coarse Washed Sand — This coarse manufactured graded sand is often used in horse arenas or as a specialty underlay for turf as well as in pipe bedding, as fill and under slabs.
  • Recycled Fill Sand — This lightweight recycled ash makes a cost-effective fill material. 
  • Paving Sand — This multi-use manufactured sand is typically used underneath pavers along with being used as effective propagating sand. 
  • Packing Sand/Crusher Dust — Similar to quarter minus or crusher dust, this conglomerate sand is often used as a certified pipe bedding sand or as a sub-base underneath pavers. 
  • Washed Dune Sand — This natural washed sand is found in golf bunkers and children’s sandpits as well as being used in a range of construction scenarios including rendering, concreting and bricklaying. 
  • White Brickies Sand (Bush Sand) — This fatty white sand is used by builders for a range of mortar and brickworks. 
  • Yellow Brickies Sand (Bush Sand) — This fine fatty yellow sand is used for a range of mortar and brickworks. 
  • Concrete Dry Mix (premix) — This handy pre-mixed concrete dry mix is made of approximately one part Washed Dune Sand to two parts 14mm Drainage Aggregate. Ideal for use in concrete and post holes, this mix simply requires cement added to the required MPA strength. 

Drainage Aggregate Products

  • 10 & 7mm Drainage Aggregate — Used for filling around sewer lines and drainage applications around driveways, pathways and underneath sheds and houses, this crushed aggregate makes a versatile drainage option for commercial and domestic projects. 
  • 14mm Drainage Aggregate — This crushed aggregate is often used in pathways, driveways and behind retaining walls as well as over drainage lines like Agline and in other wet areas. 
  • 25 / 40mm Drainage Aggregate — This crushed, unrounded aggregate is suited for use as construction access or muddy site base along with drainage and gabion cages. 
  • 50 / 150mm Drainage Aggregate — This large crushed aggregate is suitable for dry creek and river beds, bank retention, swales, garden edging, transpiration puts and gabion cages. 
  • Grey Gum (10 / 7mm, 10mm, 20 / 14mm, 20mm), — This rounded natural stone is designed for aggregate and decorative applications for use in projects such as retaining walls, garden beds, edging, pots, pathways and over Agline and other drainage lines.
  • Lightweight Drainage Aggregate (12 / 20mm, 20 / 80mm) — This lightweight graded aggregate is used for general filling, behind retaining walls and as a draining medium.  
  • Road Base 20mm — This general-purpose road base is used in the construction of pathways, paving, roads and driveways. 

For premium quality sand and drainage aggregate Newcastle tradies and landscapers choose Oz Landscape Supplies

At Oz Landscape Supplies, we’ve been providing high-quality sand and drainage aggregates to Newcastle landscapers, tradies and DIYers for decades and we’re committed to supporting local Newcastle people and businesses.

We’re also happy to offer trade and business discounts for sand and aggregates along with our other landscape products and hardware and building supplies. 

Our team can deliver 6 days a week or you’re welcome to collect at our two Newcastle locations. Get your free quote today. 

We can deliver bulk sand and drainage aggregate Newcastle wide 6 days a week — get a free quote today