Stones & Decorative Pebbles: Newcastle Pick-Up & Delivery

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Looking to add something extra to your garden? Whether you’re a homeowner or tradesman, decorative pebbles and stones can add a unique twist to your landscaping design. Available in various shapes, colours and sizes, pebbles and stones can strengthen your garden beds and pathways while looking beautifully contemporary.

At Oz Landscape Supplies, we have an extensive range of decorative pebbles for sale. Located in Cameron Park and Toronto, we stock bulk gravel and decorative stones for Newcastle’s most avid gardeners. 

Come and have a chat with our friendly team members in Newcastle today! We can help find the perfect pebbles to improve the look and functionality of your garden.

The range of pebbles Newcastle homeowners and tradies love 

Whatever garden design you’re hoping to achieve, we can guarantee you’ll find the perfect pebbles at Oz Landscape Supplies. For many years, we’ve supplied the Newcastle and Hunter Region with recycled garden soils, mulches and stones made to the highest Australian Standards.

With various colours, shapes and sizes available, it’s easy to see why we’re Newcastle’s number one choice for decorative pebbles and gravel!

Our range of pebbles and gravel includes:

  • Cowra White Pebbles (10mm, 20mm and 40mm). These pebbles are very decorative and primarily used in feature garden beds, green indoor spaces, pots, on pathways and between pavers for a dynamic look. Naturally formed round river pebbles with sleek, modern lines. We recommend 10mm stones for pathways and Japanese gardens, or 40mm for pool surrounds and courtyards.
  • Grey Gum Pebbles (7mm, 10mm, 14mm and 20mm). These rounded natural stones can be used for both decorative or aggregate purposes. They are often used behind retaining walls and over drainage lines such as Agline, but they can also be used for driveways, pathways and more.
  • Natural River Stones (100mm or more). These are tumbled natural smooth river stones – similar in look to Lucky Stone. They are commonly used in landscapes, gabion cages and dry creek beds.
  • Red River Pebbles (20mm, 40mm and 150mm). These pebbles are sleek, smooth and rounded with a very earthy coloured, natural rock. Primarily used for featured areas in garden design and indoor garden spaces.
  • Rhyolite Dust (5mm). Rhyolite is decorative dust that is used primarily in feature pathways, driveways and between pavers. Able to be packed down to firm up paths/driveways, the colour mix runs from creams to warmer yellow and orange tones.
  • Sandstone Boulders (100 – 300mm and one-man-lift). These stones are perfect Perfect for edging or decorative purposes. These boulders are supplied unwashed and have a natural clay film around them which can be washed off with a hose.
  • Sandstone Pebbles (10mm). These pebbles have a lovely natural sandstone blend of colours. They are commonly used in feature garden beds, green indoor spaces, pots, on pathways and even in between pavers.
  • Snow Gum Pebbles (7mm, 20mm and 40mm). These smooth pebbles have a decorative mix of white and grey stone. They are primarily used in feature garden beds, pots, pathways and more.
  • White Scoria (20mm). This aggregate is not only good for pathways and garden beds, but it is also very useful as a stable mulch to prevent the soil from drying out. White Scoria will not blow away or break down into the soil. 

For the largest range of decorative pebbles in Newcastle, talk to the team from Oz Landscape Supplies today!

The more you buy, the less you pay

The great thing about our decorative pebbles, stones and gravel is that we can offer incredible discounts on bulk orders. The more you buy, the less you pay, so you can stock up on mountains of pebbles for an affordable price.

We also offer commercial and trade pricing — simply email us at to order bulk gravel in Newcastle.

Not sure how much gravel you’ll need for your project? Our online volume calculator can help you determine how much gravel is required based on the length, width and depth of the area you’re looking to fill.

From here, we can provide an obligation-free quote and discuss possible discounts to make your landscaping project more affordable.

Both pick-up and delivery are available

Don’t have a ute, trailer, truck or van to pick up your decorative pebbles in Newcastle? 

We have delivery options available throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley. Simply place an order with us over the phone and we’ll deliver the pebbles directly to your door. We’ll unload the pebbles in a convenient place so you can get your landscaping project completed quickly and conveniently. 

Alternatively, come and visit our team in Cameron Park or Toronto to pick up your pebbles. Our friendly and professional team members will help load the pebbles into your trailer or vehicle and secure them for the trip home.

Stock up on decorative pebbles in Newcastle with Oz Landscape Supplies 

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Place an order for decorative pebbles, gravel and stones with Oz Landscape Supplies! We have the largest selection of decorative stones in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, meaning you’re almost guaranteed to find the colour, shape and size you’re looking for. 

We offer both pick-up and delivery options, so you can stock up on pebbles if and when you need them. With two locations in Cameron Park and Toronto, Oz Landscape Supplies is the number one supplier of decorative stones in Newcastle. 

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